Sapacflex ZX200TDC

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Model ZX200TDC
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solid state packaging system - polyurethane installation - The micro-processor controls, checks and supports the process.  - All system information is easy legible by means of a display  - Self diagnostic safety system, consultation of all working  data is possible.  - 12 easy programmable timer settings let you determine the  most suitable foam quantity.  - Patented self-cleaning cartridge - The patented turbo decompression system assures the  reliability of the appliance.  - Electric soft touch control of gun and keyboard  - Long volume filters, selfventing when connecting a new bottle  or rack  - 2 Ecological, refillable canisters - Solid State appliance, easy movable by means of a  transpallet. * All formulae are CFC-free * Densities from 4.8 kg/m³  * Regular and fine cellular structure * Flexible foam with large bearing capacity * Controllable foaming speed * Self-extinguishing formulas as well 

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