Hodekkers D290 Vario Metaaldraaibank 700 mm tussen centers

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Categorie Draaibank metaal
Draaibank 220/230 Volt
Merk Hodekkers
Model D290 Vario Metaaldraaibank 700 mm tussen centers
Artikelnummer HD-D290V
Bouwjaar 2020
Conditie Nieuw
Prijs EUR 2.050,00 excl. BTW

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New metal horizontal bench lathe with double rods lathe 1.widely used, simple operation, and a wide range of processing 2.Guarantee the concentricity of the spindle is less than 0.009mm 3.Chuck runout accuracy of less than 0.05mm . 4.Strong power, maintenance-free DC motor . 5.After quenching and precision grinding of cast iron bed . 6.High precision, quenching spindle . TECHNICAL SPECIFICATIONS Height of centers 145mm Max.Swing over bed 290mm Max.distance between two centers 700mm Taper of spindle hole MT4 Number of steps of spindle speeds variable speed Range of spindle speeds 125-2000/50-2000rpm Metric thread cutting 0.25-3.5mm Range of longitudinal feeds 0.07-0.40mm/rev Taper of taistock sleeve MT2 Motor 1.1KW Overall dimension 1400X700*630mm Net weight 240kg STANDARD ACCESSORIES NAME QTY Dead Centers 2pcs Change Gears 1pcs Toolbox & tools 1pcs 3 Klauwplaat 160 mm. 4 Klauwplaat 160 mm. ( Onafhankelijk ) Vaste Bril. Meelopende Bril. Opspanplaat. 4 - weg beitelhouder. Langsvoeding en dwarsvoeding. Klauwplaat en support bescherming. Bijbehorende gereedschappen.

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