Single Easitemp 95/6/45 (2020)

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Categorie Rubber, leer & kunststofindustrie
Merk Single
Model Easitemp 95/6/45 (2020)
Bouwjaar 2020
Conditie Gebruikt
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*Technical Specification: device type: 6/95 heating capacity: 6 kW cooling capacity: 45 kW Medium: water up to 95°C maximum external volume: 50 ltr at 95°C*Equipment hydraulic: - Cooling and filling controlled by solenoid valve - Automatic from cooling water or manual filling (at filling nozzle/option) - Level monitoring by magnet float-switch - Dirt trap in from process line of circulating system and cooling water inlet - Pump reversing for leak-stop operation - Manual mould draining via leak-stop operation and venting by tap at backside of unit - Filling time monitoring and aquatimer - Cool down mode (temperature adjustable) - Adjustable temperature alarm - Options: filling nozzle, interface cable, mechanical flow metering*Equipment electrical: - Controller SBCmini, with relay for collective alarm 230V switchable, on the back of controller on terminal - Heating control by SSR - Control cabinet IP54 - Interface 20mA TTY; pinning Arburg - Cekon plug 16A*General equipment: - Corrosion resistant components (stainless stell, brass) - Heating rod made of Incoloy - Unit mounted on rolls, two pieces steerable with break - Additional temperature fuse for safe heating switch-off by contactor *Cooling: Power: 45 kW (stainless steel plate heat exchanger) Cooling water connection: Socket G3/8" IG (Performance data at 80°C flow and 15°C cooling water temperature and a pressure difference between cooling water inlet and outlet of 3 bar)*Pump: Type: T401 Output rate (max): 40 ltr/min Pressure (max): 3,8 bar Motor capacity: 0,5 kW Construction: submersible pump / peripheral wheel*Dimensions/Weights/Colours Dimensions L/W/H: 514 mm x 238 mm x 493 mm (w/o conne.) Weight: approx. 30 kg Colour: Case: RAL 7035 light grey Front door: RAL 5015 sky blue*Connections: Circulating medium int. thread G1/2" Cooling water int. thread G3/8" Filling (option)*This unit complies to the European Directives. Other directives and standards are only fulfilled if they are listed in the order confirmation. This technical specification reflects the standard equipment; customer requests deviating from the standard will be indicated in offers or order confirmations.

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