Epoke Pekelwater sproeier Virtus Mini

Categorie Tuin- & parkmachines
Zoutstrooier tuin/park
Type Verkoop
Merk Epoke
Model Pekelwater sproeier Virtus Mini
Bouwjaar 2015
Conditie Gebruikt
Prijs EUR 10.000,00 excl. BTW
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Type: Strooiwagen
Afmetingen (LxBxH): 340 x 150 x 175 cm
Werkbreedte: 575 cm
CE markering: ja
Referentienummer: vk4384
Serienummer: 15321576 / 8114
Pekelwatersproeier op Hotra aanhanger, hydraulisch aangedreven.

VIRTUS MINI AST is a newly developed liquid spreader,
where many years of experience and development have
resulted in a new and improved version.

The liquid spreader is width and quantity compensated as
well as road-speed related (synchronous), which means that
the adjusted spreading quantity per m2
remains constant
irrespective of changes in spreading width or vehicle speed.

Drive by connection to vehicle hydraulic system or petrol

VIRTUS MINI AST is equipped with robust mechanics, plastic components, accurate computer-controlled dosing and
a protected spray bar. All mechanical parts are placed on a
rear of compartment, which leaves it easy to operate and

All spreader functions are controlled by the remote
control in the driver’s cab, which also makes data collection
through EpoTrack possible.

The spreading of a salt solution (NaCI) is the most
eco-friendly type of slippery roads control, as liquid
spreading reduces the salt consumption considerably.

Liquid spreading provides a quick thawing effect and thus
a better friction for vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians. The
liquid is distributed evenly and works its way through the
frozen surface.

Hopper capacity: 750 - 4500 liters
Spreading width: 1.00 - 5.75 m
Spreading quantity: 10 - 50 ml/m2
(in steps of 5 ml/m2
Road-speed related: 0 - 40 km/h

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